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Archive for the Civil Category

Introduction to a Civil Lawsuit

In a civil lawsuit, the victim brings a case for money damages against the offender or a third party for causing physical or emotional injuries. Regardless of the outcome of any criminal prosecution, or even if there was no prosecution, crime victims can file civil lawsuits against […]

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Standard of Proof

This standard of proof in a civil lawsuit is significantly easier to satisfy than the “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard of a criminal case. In a civil lawsuit, the case must be proved by a “preponderance of the evidence,” that is, by enough evidence to conclude that […]

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The Civil Lawyer

Civil lawyers sometimes work alone or sometimes in a practice with other lawyers. Generally, civil lawyers only handle cases in the state or federal courts in which they are licensed to practice law. Unlike doctors, lawyers do not have formal specializations based on tests and clinical practice. […]

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